Youth @ Community

HEY we're glad you're here!

At Community we have weekly programs just for YOUTH!! That’s right, we value you and want you to feel loved. So come on by!!

JrHigh meets Sunday nights from 5-7pm, with FREE PIZZA and $1 snacks and sodas in the [email protected] Snack Shack open from 5-530pm.  Enter through door B!

SrHigh meets Sunday nights from 630-830pm, with an amazingly delicious meal put on by parents every other week at 545.  Enter through door A!

All nights are normal timing unless otherwise marked on the calendars that you can find below!

We can’t WAIT to hang out with you and explore how God is using you and working in the world around us!!


Meet our team

Bree Hodel

Student Ministries Associate Director


Student Ministries Intern