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I tutored two of my neighbor girls - several mornings each week this summer. We worked on reading, writing, and lots of fractions. My hope is that they will be stronger academically in school this year.
We brought food to 3 families on Saturday . Brought food to a nursing home that is not government funded on Monday and Tuesday . They were thrilled to get the food we brought to them ."
Once a week, my husband and I mow and trim our neighbor's lawn. He has been struggling with his health, and this is an easy way to help him.
We do not belong to your church, but know many people who go to community , and we watch your sermons online . We just started helping a “wonderful” elderly woman from your church with groceries each week. What a Blessing it is for Both of us to connect in such a meaningful way !
The families in Zeeland have reached out to me asking how they can help one of their own. We live in a beautiful place. Please remember that when things are ugly.
The storm last night caused our power to go out. Our neighbor who is a hemiplegic didn’t know what was going on. He doesn’t have a cell phone and gets frustrated and upset easily and this morning he hit the wall so to say. I talked him off the ledge, opened his garage door, stocked up a wood pile that tumbled over in the storm, then asked if he needed anything else. He didn’t at the time. Knowing your neighbors is so important. You never know when you will need some help.
My kids made little bags of treats and we dropped them off on their friends porches.
While I was having my car serviced, I walked to Zeeland Bakery, and brought back cookies for the service staff.
I have been bringing Sunday dinner to our elderly neighbor each week. Thankfully, he loves my cooking.
We made no-sew pillows, God's eyes, and homemade cards for each of Medi Lodge's 70 residents. We also put together a box of snacks for the staff of Medi Lodge as well.
We delivered plates of bran muffins and jam to thirteen of our neighbors -- wishing all of them a Happy Mother's Day (from a safe distance away, of course).
God nudged me to turn around and offer a ride to an older woman who was walking on a very cold day. I was glad for the opportunity to tell her God was looking out for her, and to pray for her before dropping her off at the grocery store.
Our neighbor had a double lung transplant on Aug. 25,2019 and after 8 months in the hospital he came home on Mon. May 4 (praise God). Now 10 neighbors have volunteered to mow their lawn for the summer each taking a week. We have a great neighborhood.
We were on the receiving end of an act of kindness. My kids and I got the golf cart stuck in the sand at the opposite end of the park. We were going to have to wait for the park officers to pull us out. After a while, a nice gentleman drove by and pulled over to help us and he got us out! A “thank you” didn’t feel like enough at that moment. Grateful to God for placing people in the right place at the right time!
I fell a few week's ago and I'm so gratefull for my mailman for he helped me up and into my house. His name is Josh so please pray for him to keep up his good work
While on a work trip to Atlanta, our group of 4 had a pizza feast for lunch before finishing out our last day at the conference. We had nearly a full pizza left and had already checked out at hotel. Me and my friend wanted to give the pizza away. We found a man who we’d seen that week walking around bare foot only wearing shorts (it’s hot Lanta!) My friend said in a very empowering way that we were getting on a flight soon & if he new anyone who likes pizza. He did!
In September, I was in Atlanta with some colleagues for a conference. One night we were walking after dinner on the hunt for ice cream, when a man approached my friend and me. He said his name was Roderick, that he used to be homeless but not now, and he was trying to get dinner for his children. We walked with him for several blocks to find a fast food restaurant. I told him to order anything he wanted and he selected his dinner and offered to walk us back a few blocks.
I sent an encouragement card with a grocery card to someone with cancer.
My daughter and I wrote a note to each of her teachers thanking them for the on-line learning they are providing for her. We printed and colored several uplifting quotes and included them with our personal notes.
An older member of the congregation called me to ask if I knew someone who could clean up some of his landscaping. It was on a hill and he didn't feel comfortable doing it. I told him that one of my sons would be able to help out the next day. The next morning - he emailed me again to let me know that some of his neighbors - a couple that goes to Community - had already taken care of the landscaping for him. If you don't act fast - someone may beat you to it. :)
This past week, our family wanted to bless the residents of a nursing home in our area. We called them to ask if they were accepting gifts, and when we found out that they were, we ordered craft supplies online to make no-sew fleece pillows. One week later, we had made over 70 pillows and decorated them all with a note and bow. We were able to drop them off a few days ago and hope that they brought some smiles to the residents there.
About 2weeks ago as I was praying, I asked God if there was anything I could do to help all those people that have been without work what I could do to help, he answered my prayers with they need food. So I went to Meier the next day, and loaded up my van with food, and curt told me to bring it to the bridge. Wow we’re they excited. It took 5 young people to unload the car. It felt so good,that I will be doing it again this week. God is good.
Made monster cookies and shared with two single neighbors and an home that is now with three college age boys home 24/7.
Last week, our family put together four surprises for two young girls and two teenagers in our neighborhood. We boxed up books, snacks, candy, crafts, and games, wrapped the boxes like a present, and played ding-dong ditch -- leaving the surprises on their respective front porches. Our neighbors loved it!
Made monster cookies and shared with two single neighbors and an home that is now with three college age boys home 24/7.
We left bags of snacks on the front porch for delivery drivers in this season of long hours.
Since so much has been ordered online lately I set a basket out for delivery drivers with a bunch of snacks and bottles of water for them to enjoy.
On the early morning of April 9 we awoke to our neighbors garage on fire. We had not met the family yet. They were new to the neighborhood. We soon met when we found them in our front yard cold and in shock. We provided clothes, blankets, and whatever they needed. The family and the dog made it out of the house safe. Praise be to God!!
"We dropped off goody bags to all of our family and friends it brightened up there day I also brought chicken dinners to our neighbors that live alone two of them are members of community"
Sent a couple of friends that are nurses and doctors e-gift cards to the coffee shops in their hospitals. So they could have a treat while working long hours.
We brought Easter dinner to our neighbor, a young man who lives alone. The kids drew him a picture and shared some of their Easter candy.
"We have been longtime sponsors of a child in Honduras. Covid-19 restrictions have been devastating to this family. We sent money to help; his response came back: ""You don't know how happy this news makes my family and I. We didn't know how we would deal with this crisis and then this blessing came. You are like an angel for us. We send you many blessings and my family says we love you and your family very much ... and will pray for your safety."" Love has no borders!"
Last week our neighbor went into labor. They didn’t have a place for their 12 year old boy to stay. I wasn’t sure what to do as having people over was against the governors order. Let alone have someone stay with you. After some thought and prayer we opened our home for him to stay for 3 days. We treated him like our own child. We “might” have gone against the order. but felt it was right to open our home to a neighbor in need.
I helped my 90 yr. old neighbor clean out her window boxes, get ready for spring flowers.
Picked up takeout at a local restaurant and I tipped like I was dining in. I actually tipped double what I normally would have if dined in.
My husband and I are in Florida for the winter. It’s now the first week of April 2020. With the Covid 19 virus all around, we need masks to help keep us safe as we do our errands. We googled how to make masks out of old t-shirts. We are helping all our elderly neighbors in making masks for them.
Helped a family jumpstart their car.
Dropped off some warm freshly baked bread to some neighbors to brighten their cold rainy quarantine day.
"We have called several elderly individuals from church to check on them to see if they are doing ok.We also offered if they have any needs we would try to help them. We also called several our neighbors were we live to check on them as well.They all appreciate the calls."
When picking up take-out food, the server and I were the only ones in the room so I had the God-ordained opportunity to ask her how she was doing. She mentioned a recent heartbreak and concern about paying her bills because of this coronavirus crisis. When I asked her permission, she was happy to let me pray for her, and invite her to join the online services this week. And I felt nudged to give her a $50 tip.
A beautiful young lady came to our door with 2 salad kits that had lettuce, chicken, pecans, strawberries,cheese and much more. A card with an encouraging bible verse was attached.what a blessing from our church family. By the way that young lady just happens to be my granddaughter. So proud!!
I am making masks for local first responders and nursing homes.
A Single mom nurse friend with four children all at home was down to 7 rolls of toilet paper and our friend group was chatting. We asked if she needed anything else and she did, a few groceries. So this morning I was able to get her groceries and I scored TP for her at Aldi. (Just want to say I love that store.) she was so appreciative and wanted to pay me. I told her to pay it forward some day. Merry Christmas.
I was getting gas and a guy walked up asking if I could help him get a gallon of gas. Went over and filled his tank.
"This fall I helped a single neighbor lady bring her patio furniture from her condo deck to store in her garage. My wife and I took a single lady (from our church who we did not know) downtown GR for cancer tests and out to lunch. The cashier was checking out my groceries at Aldi when the man in front of me said to the cashier he forgot to put his eggs on the conveyor to ring up. The cashier said you’ll have to wait for my order to be completed. I said just put it on my tab"
Knowing my single-mom neighbor would have her teenage boys home during the day for a while, I dropped off a box of groceries in her garage anonymously.
Brought some friends their favorite coffee when they were having an awful week.
Brought a neighbor groceries after they’d had sick kids.
God nudged me to make some “baskets of sunshine” for 3 neighbors who have been struggling with health issues. 4 other neighbors contributed for these baskets. I had the joy of delivering them and praying with each of my neighbors.
A member of our church saw my wife and I enter a local restaurant and told me she was buying our meal. When it was time for the check, the waitress informed us our check was paid. Gave us the opportunity to tip the server like crazy. Wonderful blessing.
I have a few elderly neighbors and one who is a single mom of three. I have been snow blowing their driveways whenever it snows this winter.
TheJRHIGH leaders rocked it at JRHIGH winter camp!
I am so thankful for all the people who come to youth group regularly - and specifically thankful for the community that is being created.
Our SRHIGH group recently attended a Winter Retreat at SpringHill. We became the Broomball Champs of the weekend - but it was most exciting to hear from other Youth Leaders about how kind and respectful our players/students were being. Conducting ourselves well was more important than winning.
Sam VandenBerg (an 11th grader) is currently serving as a JRHIGH leader. Every week after youth group he is so quick to jump in and help clean up the Mosaic - picking up trash, flipping the heavy panels, stacking chairs. It's a thankless job but he's so willing to help out and his attitude is contagious.
Sometimes acts of hospitality involve taking care of God's creatures. Our neighbor boards horses, and when they lose power, we run our generator and use hoses to fill their portable water tanks for the horses.
Today at family fare someone left their change($10) behind.I turned it in to costumer service in case they realized they left it behind. Not sure if they got it back and hopefully if they didn’t, it gets donated to charity.
I brought coffee to my daughter’s teachers on a Friday afternoon as a pick me up and a thank you for all they do.
We got a large coffee to go and gave it to a homeless man.
After a busy Sunday morning at church, one of the youngest kids at church randomly came up to me wanting to share the bible story he learned. He asked me to read it to him and I knelt beside him and read the story of Jesus raising Jairus' daughter from the dead. He was very impressed.
I met a man who was riding a bike home from work. He had a bag full of pop cans he had collected. I saw him another time digging through garbage looking for more cans. While we were sitting in the restaurant having Bible study, he walked by the window on his way home. I decided now is my chance. I took off running after him and invited him to Bible study. He has been coming ever since
I have to share a story of being on the receiving end of an act of kindness. I can't fully explain how it feels!! - someone plowed my driveway on that Saturday when we had the really wet and heavy snow. Thank God for this kind hearted person. It saved me several hours and likely a really sore back!!!
I was asked to pray at our work potluck, which led to two conversations about faith with coworkers later in the day.
I saw a student miss the Max bus at the middle school because it came earlier than usual. Knowing it was his only way home to Holland, I called Max bus to send him another bus. I gave him my umbrella while he waited in the rain. I stayed in the parking lot until his ride came 15 minutes later.
My husband helped a mom with little kids pick up two bags of groceries that fell by her car in the parking lot at the grocery store.
I made a new Bible study buddy in our Wednesday night women’s group.
I donated several throw blankets for Hope Packages and other people in need.
I made a gingerbread house for our neighbor and her two kids. It gave me a chance to comfort her as she is going through a divorce.
I left a Starbucks gift card on a co-worker’s desk at Christmas.
After a busy Sunday morning at church, one of the youngest kids at church randomly came up to me wanting to share the bible story he learned. He asked me to read it to him and I knelt beside him and read the story of Jesus raising Jairus' daughter from the dead. He was very impressed.
I brought a meal to a couple from church.
In my young adulthood, a very wise man told me this concerning tipping: When one goes out to breakfast or lunch, the waitresses work just as hard, but given the nature of the food costs, get much less in tips. Please keep this in mind when you have breakfast or lunch in a restaurant.
My husband and I gifted a Family Life Weekend to Remember registration to a couple who have been struggling in their marriage. They were both so grateful and excited! She shared that they have been getting counseling and that this conference will be perfect timing. Grateful for God nudging us.
When I shop at Meijer, there are two employees who I frequently say hello to when entering and/or exiting the shopping center. Their job is to return the outside carts from the corrals during all kinds of weather. A few days before Christmas, I handed each of them an envelope containing a financial gift to show a little appreciation for all the job work they do.
I made a meal and cookies for my co-worker that is on hospital bed rest at 25 weeks with her 4th child. She has a husband and 3 young boys at home. I also got her a coffee gift card she could use at the hospital.
My husband saw a need for an old neighbor who had fallen on hard times and couldn’t provide for her kids, especially at Christmas. Many people came together to give necessities and so much more. I watched him load the gifts into the back of her car as she cried tears of speechless gratefulness. I am so proud of my husband and his amazing, giving heart.
I gave our server a 40% tip.
While delivering Christmas treats I spent time visiting with and enjoying my neighbors' company.
At the Meijer self checkout, I encouraged a young mom whose kids were having tantrums.
While we were waiting in the ER waiting room, I prayed with an elderly woman who was alone.
Brought a care package to a family sick with the flu on Christmas Day.
My husband and I have decided to pay it forward to members of the Zeeland/Holland community by doing random acts of giving, after being a guest at community for the Christmas program. We went around grocery stores handing out monetary gifts to random families saying the Lord has blessed them. I think we got more out of giving that they did receiving.
We delivered hams to 3 families we didn't know, on Christmas Eve. Hugged and cried with one of the woman who explained that she's been depressed after a long recovery from back surgery. She needed that more than the ham.
My teenage son gave his normal waitress a 225% tip right before Christmas.
I’m trying to figure out where my secret admirer is but to no avail. I have cancer and I’m wearing a wig right now. Someone put an adorable winter hat in my church box from JB and Me to wear during cold winter months. It is certainly appreciated! Thank you so much!!
The other day walking my dog I saw a young man coming out of a pizza parlor with a license plate that said Iraq Vet. All I did was say thank you for your service. He said "you’re welcome" with a huge smile on his face.
I hugged my student employee and "big" tears began rolling down her cheeks. She asked if we could talk and shared how being at college she doesn't openly grieve the loss of 2 brothers to a house fire a few years ago. The talk and tears led me to ask if she holds onto faith - she said she lost faith when she last walked out of the hospital that day. I've assured her Jesus is walking with her and available 24/7 365 days a year. She smiles a lot now and we talk intentionally