Virtual Trip to CCCD in Jamaica

February 1

Would you like to go on an international mission trip even though travel is difficult at this time?  Community is partnering with CCCD and Pat & Kara Bloemendaal to offer a Virtual Mission Trip to Jamaica in 2021!  This trip will be hosted by Dirk and Jill Bloemendaal and would be a great experience for families, singles, and/or couples.

CCCD has created a 4-week experience that involves devotionals, videos, information, and support for CCCD. There are 2-3 devotionals that participants would go through during each of the 4 weeks. Through in-person and/or Zoom meetings it will be an environment where team members would be able to talk/share what they been thinking and learning as we go along. In addition to those devotions, we also have several videos for each week that will be available to watch as well. They will be about the ministry, the people who make up the ministry, and stories that connect with the needs of the Deaf worldwide. All this content will be shared through the CCCD website and it will be easy for the group to view everything whenever they have the time. On the 3rd week, there will be a zoom call between the trip participants and a group in Jamaica. This will be a time to meet, ask questions, maybe play a game, and fellowship. Pat would be hosting this in Jamaica.

The cost for the experience is $125 per person, $200 per couple, and $250 per family. Half the funds will go towards a project that your team will see completed before the end of the trip and the other half will go to keeping the school open. As always if you would like to participate but can’t afford the entire amount please see Sue Zwyghuizen, Missions Coordinator. Contact [email protected] or call her at 616-403-3782.