Mission India Update-July 2021

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Community Reformed Church,

I can’t tell you how many stories I’ve heard about God opening yet another door for the Gospel to spread because of the flexibility and dedication of our ministry partners in India.

Year-Long Children’s Bible Club leaders, for example, have been trained (through your support!) to lead children in games, songs, and Bible-based lessons each day after school. But when local lockdowns prevent the children from gathering, Bible Club leaders quickly shift gears and jump into action with relief efforts.

Since they’ve already been discipling the children in the Bible Club, they know each child’s needs and can identify who’s in danger of starvation while parents can’t go to work. This means Bible Club leaders can bring Relief Kits to the families that need them most!

And while delivering a month’s worth of food and hygiene supplies, Bible Club leaders get to share the Gospel with not only the children they’ve been discipling, but the entire family. What an incredible impact a Children’s Bible Club leader can have!

But here’s the thing: Our ministry partners are seeing a need for many more Relief Kits and are asking for our help. 

Millions of children and families remain on the verge of going hungry. Parents can’t go to work while caring for sick loved ones, or local lockdowns prevent them from going to work.

Our Bible Club leaders and other ministry partners are equipped to share the Gospel with these families—they just need the resources to meet immediate needs.

It takes only $40 to provide a family of four with a Relief Kit filled with a month’s worth of food, hygiene supplies, and the Gospel message. How many families can you help us reach today?

Give a gift here to provide Relief Kits to children and families who need it most. 

Thank you in advance for being the hands and feet of Jesus as India continues through a second wave of COVID-19.

Together, for India,

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Todd VanEk
President & CEO
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