Pastoral Staff

Rev. Trent Walker

Lead Pastor

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Rev. Kurt Henry

Hospitality and
Spiritual Formation Pastor

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Rev. Greg Ten Brink

Congregational Life Pastor

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Rev. Doug Baker

Pastor of Operations

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Chris Pieters

Adult Discipleship Pastor

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Rev. Andrew Moore

Apprentice Pastor

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Worship Directors

Chris Hansen

Daybreak Worship Director

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Curt Dykema

Breakwater and Breakaway Worship Director

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Merrin Bethel

Mosaic Worship Director

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Children’s Ministries

Jen Bakhuyzen

Children’s Ministry Director

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Melissa Overway

Associate Children’s Ministry Director

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Student Ministries

Aaron Nienhuis

Student Ministries Director

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Bree Hodel

Student Ministries Associate Director

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Office Staff

Kendra VanDerVeen

Office Coordinator

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Laurie Brouwer

Finance Coordinator

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Ministry Coordinators

Sue Zwyghuizen

Missions Coordinator

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Lyn Walker

Women’s Ministries Director

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Technical Arts Department

Matthew Grzybowski

Technical Director

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Josiah deVries

Technical Service Coordinator

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Duc Vuong

Technical Arts Intern

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Paula Vredenburg

Graphics and Social Media Intern

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Facility Team

Aleshia Rizor-Bensinger

Facilities Coordinator

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Rick Smith

Facilities Support Staff

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