In SRHIGH Update

Hello everyone!
This past Sunday we began our first series called UP, IN, OUT and asked the question, “What is our posture towards God and His mission?” which comes from Community’s mission statement.  The mission statement continues with the answer – “look UP to see what God is doing, lean IN to what Christ has for us, live OUT our faith wherever the Spirit leads.”
For our first night of the series, I (Pat) spoke about what it means for us to change our posture so that we have eyes to see God’s work on earth!  This is a very intentional practice for us as disciples but absolutely necessary in partnering with God on His mission.

This week, Bree will be speaking about what it looks like to take looking UP a step further and lean IN to what Christ has for us.  We are very excited for this series and hope that we can all tweak our postures towards God and His mission so that we invest our time and energy into the ways that God is living and active.

Finally, on October 8th we will be having a service night to put living OUT into practice!  We will be serving the Zeeland community that surrounds the church and ask that everyone come prepared to be outside!  Please bring a rake for yourself and a few extra if you have them!