In JRHIGH Update

LAST NIGHT (9/27/17)
Felt Board Stories began last night, with Pat speaking into how the story of David and Goliath is so powerful and still applicable to our lives today!  The goal of Felt Board Stories as a series is to look at the basics, things we learn when we are little, expand them, learn some context, and apply their themes and lessons to our lives now!

This was our second JRHIGH of the year, and we are so looking forward to what is to come!  Below you’ll find the fall calendar and a bit more information about what is headed our way!

JRHGIH Wednesday Nights: Next Week
Felt Board Stories continues!  Bree will bring us through the story of Daniel in the Lion’s Den.  If you grabbed a coloring sheet of David and Goliath, bring it back for it to be displayed in the Mosaic!

Tuesday Morning Bible Study
There is an existing bible study at Cityside Middle School lead by Chuck Vander Zwaag on Wednesday mornings, and we are starting one at Creekside Middle School on Tuesday mornings!  Make sure you grab a permission slip from church and either give it to Bree or Pat prior to Tuesday morning or bring it with you when you come!  We are starting this upcoming Tuesday, October 3 at 6:50, room 708.

Mission Trip Fundraiser Opportunities
Coffee Shop for Missions
Contact Abby Koster if you’re interested!

We are going to start the Butterbraids fundraiser on Wednesday, October 4th.  Forms will be available on the 4th and due by October 29th.  That means you will get your butter braids by Thanksgiving break!  These delicious pastry are great to have in every season, especially the holiday season!